Springboard UK

Springboard UK

The hospitality, leisure and tourism industry is an amazing place to work and Springboard UK works with and for the industry to improve perceptions, promote the industry as a great place to work and help the industry attract talent and fill skills shortages.  Springboard UK also raises funds to support the work of The Springboard Charity.

The Springboard Charity operates UK wide and is the only charity which helps young, unemployed and disadvantaged people improve their prospects for economic well-being by providing opportunities for sustainable employment across the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.

As part of their work, The Springboard Charity organise various overseas and UK challenge events each year, the sole purpose of which is to raise the crucial funding required to provide the vital services.  Each Trekker who takes part is committed to using both their industry and personal networks, to work as hard a possible (over and above their day job!) to reach out to as many supporters as possible. 

The Great Wall of China Trek, which took place between Friday 25th March and Sunday 3rd April 2011, saw 25 intrepid trekkers raise an incredible amount of funds that will go towards the vital work the Charity delivers. 

For the Scottish Mini-Matterhorn’s challenge, taking place between Friday 6th May until Sunday 8rd May 2011, 16 fearless trekkers will earn their place by raising an amazing £1,000 each for The Springboard Charity.  All the funds raised are used to fund the UK wide programmes helping those young, unemployed and disadvantaged people into employment.

Hi-Tec are very proud to be associated with the Springboard Charity and were pleased to be able to support their work by offering a pair of hiking boots – the V-Lite Altitude Ultra Luxe WPi – to all the trekkers who took (or are taking!) part in the both of these challenges.

We'd like to offer a huge CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to those that took part in The Great Wall of China Trek and collectively rasied an astonishing £150,000 for The Springboard Charity!  To take a look at their journey visit the trekkers diary or check out trekker Stewart's fantastic blog

For more information about Springboard UK and The Springboard Charity click here

For more information about the treks and to support The Springboard Charity click here

Registered Charity No: 1045411


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