9 March 2012

How to make the most of hiking trails with the family

How to make the most of hiking trails with the family

During the summer months, all the local wildlife begins to flourish and populate the local farmlands, bringing many species of birds, insects, farm animals and many more. This makes this the ideal opportunity to take the kids out in their new hiking boots and perhaps teach them a few things about the local wildlife. This is perhaps a brilliant excuse to get an ice-cream too! Below is a checklist of the best country wildlife to look out for.

o   Badger       

o   Common Frog

o   Deer

o   Field Vole                          

o   Hedgehog

o   Kestrel 

o   Mice

o   Mole

o   Rabbits

o   Fox        

o   Spiders

o   Ladybirds

o   Dragonflies

o   Bees        

Most of the animals are easily found in the UK countryside, making this an exciting activity for the kids to do, but you have to remember that there can often be drawbacks, like the rainy weather or boggy/marshy lands.  That’s why it is always best to go prepared with some good quality hiking boots. A good hiking boot should be durable, waterproof and tough to combat the rough and damp conditions of a marshy area. Not only that, but they need to be breathable allowing your feet to avoid becoming hot. A good grip on the sole of the boot to ensure that you can keep good stability and not fall over is also essential.

All in all, it is guaranteed that if you’re looking for a great, family building and excitable activity to do, you should definitely give hiking a try. After all, for the ice-cream alone it’s worth doing!

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