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Enjoy Indoor Racquet Sports With The Right Court Shoes

14 June 2012

Enjoy Indoor Racquet Sports With The Right Court Shoes

Many of us enjoy playing indoor racquet sports such as Badminton or Squash in our spare time. Playing a couple of nights a week is certainly a great way to improve our overall fitness levels whilst improving form and technique at the same time. However, getting all the equipment necessary to play to a good standard can be costly. Having a lightweight, durable, branded racket, the right clothing that’s breathable and not restrictive, not to mention the assortment of squash balls shuttlecocks and hydrating sports drinks. It’s quick to see how costs can continue to climb. So it’s perhaps understandable then that many people choose to not spend additional money on a pair of sensible court shoes, choosing to use either an already purchased running shoe or plimsoll, not specifically designed for the job. In doing this however, you can open yourself up to a multitude of possible injuries. Прочети повече...

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