1 May 2012

Multi-Sport Shoes Are Perfect For Sunny, Short, Spring Time Walks

Multi-Sport Shoes Are Perfect For Sunny, Short, Spring Time Walks


For many though, finding a pair of shoes that can cover a multitude of activities can be difficult. Leaving the house to enjoy a walk in the country can mean taking walking boots, wellington boots and casual shoes, should you want to stop off at a pub along the way. Some casual shoes can seem ideal as they are perfectly comfortable when it comes to short walks around a town or the supermarket. However, if you wear casual pumps or moccasins on even a short walk in the country you might find that the flimsy and often thin soles offer little by way of comfort. Other issues can arise with blistering caused by poorly constructed innersoles and should you have to negotiate a rocky section of path, you can leave yourself wide open to potential ankle sprains.  So finding a shoe that can cover a host of activities ranging from a stroll around a country village to a walk across a rocky trail can solve several potential issues.

Combing Style And Support

Perhaps the reason for wearing a variety of shoes comes down to how they look, as much as how they perform. Going to a restaurant in a pair of heavy, leather walking boots might feel a little awkward and by the same gesture, slipping and sliding across a wet path in a pair of smooth soled loafers can be less than practical as well. This then, is where Hi-Tec’s range of multi-sport shoes truly come into their own. Blending high quality materials with leading levels of comfort provides you with the perfect blend of function and form. Wearing a shoe that’s as practical in the pub as it is in the country is a liberating experience. 

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