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Meitä ajaa eteenpäin kyltymätön halu saada ihmiset nauttimaan elämästä. Tuotteemme ovat valmistettu kuluttajia varten ja heidän tarpeiden vaatimalleen tasolle. Innovaatioitamme ohjaavat halumme ymmärtää miten ja mihin tuotteitamme käytetään

Olemme oikea brändi, oikeilla tuotteilla, oikeille ihmisille...

Olemme Hi-Tec

We are Inspire by Life


Injury to the feet is a very real risk when walking, especially on rough terrain, but that risk can be eliminated with high-quality footwear. Men's and women's walking boots from HI-TEC provide the utmost comfort and support, while innovative functionality, such as ion-mask™ waterproofing, and V-Lite design, adds to your walking experience. Even the tiniest feet can benefit from this high quality, with our children's walking boots.


Keen hikers will be aware of the stresses and strains that joints and muscles endure on long trails and of the importance of comfortable, lightweight hiking boots. HI-TEC's backpacking boots feature exclusive 4:SYS dynamic, motion-control technology to relieve such pressure on ankles and feet, while the V-Lite Hiking range ensures absolute comfort. These innovative technologies are featured throughout our range of men's and women's hiking boots.

Kävelyjalkineet ja sandaalit

Comfortable walking shoes or sandals are an everyday essential for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. HI-TEC's lightweight lady's walking shoes offer more support than a boot would, without losing the all-important comfort. Our men's walking shoes offer the same high-quality and style and with such a vast range of models, you're certain to find the best option for you, no matter what activity you have in mind.