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16 June 2011

Liquid Mountaineering - The Infinity Run *UPDATE*

Liquid Mountaineering - The Infinity Run *UPDATE*

Following the launch of the Liquid Mountaineering game, the Infinity Run, we've made a few basic changes to give everyone the best chance possible to top our leader-board and win a pair of V-Lite Infinity!

Every Friday at 3pm (British Summer Time), we will select the player with the highest score to be that weeks winner of a pair of V-Lite infinity. Once we have established the winner, the high scores will be cleared, so all users have a fresh start each week. We will however, add every score that is submitted to our 'Hall of fame' scoreboard!

The basic terms and conditions are below, however you can read the full list by going to the game page and clicking on the find out more link at the top of the page.

  1. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts you have to achieve a high score
  2. Only one pair of shoes will be sent to each user, regardless of how many times you achieve the highest score.
  3. By entering your e-mail address, you give permission for Hi-Tec to contact you via e-mail.
  4. The V-Lite Infinity prize cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.
  5. If the winner's size is out of stock, Hi-Tec will replace with another style of equal of lesser value.

Best of luck!