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23 August 2011

Best New Shoe (Trail) - V-Lite Infinity

Best New Shoe (Trail) - V-Lite Infinity

The running network recently awarded the V-Lite Infinity the title of 'Best new shoe' within their Trail category. We were up against the likes of Asics, Brooks, New Balance and Inov8, so to win within such an established catgeory is a fantastic result for the V-Lite Infinity!

"Each summer brings more shoes designed to enhance your off-road running experiences. This year, subcategories in this type of shoe have become more distinct. We’ve taken a look at shoes from the burgeoning Responsive, Performance, and Racing categories, with a Hybrid thrown in for good measure. Responsive Trail shoes are designed to adapt to the trail (by geometry or by materials); Performance Trail shoes are responsive as well as light (under 350 grams). Trail Racing shoes have very low profile designs and are very lightweight, often well under 300 grams. Hybrid Trail shoes have features that suit both roads and trails, especially cushioning and stability to manage overpronation and the imbalance caused by uneven terrain".