14 June 2012

Enjoy Indoor Racquet Sports With The Right Court Shoes

Enjoy Indoor Racquet Sports With The Right Court Shoes

Providing You With The Right Support


Whether you’re playing squash or badminton, fast manoeuvres are all part of the game. Changes in direction and shifting weight on to differing feet in order to keep balance are a necessity. While a running shoe will provide some level of support, they are designed specifically for cushioning impacts to the sole of the foot and moving predominantly in a straight line. Bespoke courts shoes are different in several important ways. Firstly the rubber soles are designed to add grip, whilst being made from a lightweight rubber material. The height of the sole is considerably reduced compared to a foam soled running trainer. This lower sole design is in order to help combat foot roll, whilst retaining arch and ankle support. By reducing foot role, sprains can be avoided and more confidence found in every step. Many running trainers or plimsolls also offer highly ventilated sides that whilst they do provide ventilation can also stretch under pressure, which again can lead to sprains or in extreme cases fractures.


Protecting The Court


As previously mentioned, finding increased grip is the key to extended lunging and reaches for shots. Many low end court shoes have found that black rubber compounds can work, but at the expense of black streaks being left in their wake. The principal is much the same as an F1 car and how rubber is transferred onto the track to find grip. However, like an F1 car leaves 11 shaped tracks on the starting grid, cheap court shoes soon make light work of ruining a court’s appearance. Not only does this spoil a court’s look but the build up of rubber actually decreases overall surface grip. Specifically designed court shoe soles offer better levels of grip, while perfectly preserving the cross functionality and aesthetics.





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