20 June 2012

Good Reasons To Run For Charity

Good Reasons To Run For Charity
  • You will be raising money for a good cause through sponsorship. Talk to friends, family and neighbours and see if they would like to support you. When people give to the cause you care about, it gives you lots of motivation to keep training.
  • It gives you a purpose for exercising. If you’ve found it hard to get motivated to exercise lately signing up to a charity run could give you the purpose you need to get out of the sofa. After all, if you have a charity in mind which means something special to you, it puts things in perspective and it might just get easier to get your jogging gear on and go out for a run.
  • The day of the run gives you an opportunity to really push yourself. Why not give yourself realistic goals well before the day which you can work towards, such as being able to walk or run the relevant distance in a certain time or being able to run half the race and walk the other half. The key is to be realistic – it’s much better to exceed your expectations than to become disappointed if you haven’t reached your goal.
  • You may have a personal reason to raise funds for a particular charity. Not only will this motivate you to train, but it will also give you a feeling of contribution and achieving something for a cause which you believe in.
  • It allows you to take part in the charitable community, and who knows, perhaps you gain a friend or two through fundraising or on the day of the run?
  • You don’t have to participate on your own either. Run with a friend or a group of colleagues to really get into the team spirit – and it’s easier to turn up at the gym if someone else is expecting you too!
  • You will get fitter. Besides feeling good about giving, you will also improve your fitness, particularly if you train beforehand and set yourself goals along the way.
  • The charity will be able to help more people and causes, which is a truly wonderful thing to contribute to.

So get those trainers on and join the thousands of other Brits who run for charity every year.

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