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Quintic Consultancy Ltd specialises in Biomechanics video analysis software, sports biomechanics & performance analysis consultancy. Hi-Tec have been working with Quintic for 6 years to help create some of our key products, from the CDT Golf collection to the successful 4:SYS Court and Athletic ranges. With V-Lite Infinity we have concentrated on the improved performance and the prevention of injury through the key technologies used in the shoe.

Pressure Profiles
Pressure profiles, illustrating the COP pathway, pressure hotspots
The North Face Brooks Montrail Hi-Tec Infinity

Smoother, straighter centre of pressure with less wobble and more efficient gait cycle.

The North Face Brooks Montrail Hi-Tec Infinity


Globally respected field testing facility based in The Lake District, UK.

In exceess of 200 hours/1400 miles on trails, roads and fells:

  • Superb fitting size 8 (UK), good hold on mixed terrain
  • They do dry faster than many lightweight trail/fell shoes
  • Grip on steep grass/fell ascents and overall comfort is good, no complaint on road sections of any impact jarring
  • Heel hold better than some established fell shoes from other brands
  • Outsole composition to be durable and well suited to end use
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P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology and have been working with Hi-Tec since 2006 on the revolutionary ion-maskā„¢ collection. When it came to the V-Lite Infinity range P2i concentrated on the average water uptake, as keeping the shoe dry is crucial to ensuring the shoe remains light and comfortable during usage.

HPi Data
  Immersion water uptake Flex water uptake
Model Treated Untreated % Difference Treated Untreated % Difference
Black Hawk 0.98 22.42 -95.63 36.24 45.56 -20.46
Night Hawk 0.82 38.44 -97.87 33.63 40.23 -16.41
Raptor Aero 0.53 1.32 -59.85 0.91 6.86 -86.73
Thunder 0.67 24.85 -97.30 5.11 16.10 -62.26
Average 0.75 21.76 -87.66 18.97 27.19 -47.96
0.19 15.34 - 18.54 18.65 -