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liquid mountaineering

Amassing more than 8.5 million YouTube views to date and featuring heavily in the media, including The Sun, The Daily Star, the Guardian, The Metro and the Sunday Times. As well as this UK media coverage, the video has featured on TV channels all around the world including ESPN (USA), Fox News (USA) and The Morning Show (Australia) to name just a few.

Many have questioned whether the video is real or not... take a look and see what you think!

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Watch the making of video

Watch the making of video

So... is it real or not?

After two weeks of worldwide buzz, we have decided to come clean and reveal that Hi-Tec were behind the 'Liquid Mountaineering' viral.

Take a look at our making of video to see how and why we created the video.

Official press release
Ion-Mask Technology in Action

ion-maskTM technology in action

Whilst liquid mountaineering is fake, ion-mask™ technology by P2i Ltd is very real and is one of our core technologies used within some of our products. ion-mask™ is not a waterproofing system. In fact, Hi-Tec featuring ion-mask™ products LOVE WATER as they do not absorb water and as a result dry quicker ensuring your feet are kept lighter and cleaner for longer!

Find out more about the benefits of ion-mask™ visit

ion-mask website
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