i-shield, created by Hi-Tec, is a new technology that gives footwear superior water repellency as well as stain resistance. The low-viscosity liquid provides an invisible guard for all open types of leather and most types of fabric and mesh. When combined with Hi-Tec’s Dri-Tec technology – a breathable, waterproof bootie membrane – footwear becomes completely waterproof and totally protected.

Hydrophobic – i-shield is an invisible layer on the surface of the material that guards the footwear by repelling water.

Stay Clean – With its stain resistance, i-shield also keeps footwear cleaner.

Lightweight – Because i-shield doesn’t absorb water, footwear is light and therefore more comfortable.

Breathable – The i-shield process only enhances the surface of the footwear, so it’s as breathable after treatment as it was before.

Environmental – i-shield is a post-production process operating at room temperature and using only the chemical needed to coat the shoe. The chemicals used comply with environmental standards.