Alexandre Poussin

Three years, eleven countries, 1,200 families, 14,000 kilometers of adventures whilst walking in the footsteps of mankind through Africa’s ‘Cradle of Life’.

When Alexandre and Sonia Poussin embarked on their adventurous walk of the length of Africa entirely on foot, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Sea of Galilee, they did it with the aid of their trusted HI-TEC walking boots.

In a three-year trek along the Great Rift Valley of East Africa, their goal was to symbolically retrace the passage of early Man, from Australopithecus to Modern Man. Without sponsors, without support team, sharing the poverty of their hosts, they spoke of the generosity and enthusiasm of these men and women who populate the African continent. Day after day, Alexandre and Sonia became a bit more African themselves. In their books, Africa Trek I & II, they recount the first seven thousand kilometers up to Mount Kilimanjaro and beyond to the Sea of Galilee.

It wasn’t until after their intrepid journey did we come to appreciate the role HI-TEC played. Matching their every stride on their epic adventure were two pairs of trusty HI-TEC boots.

Now slightly worn and a little battered after their remarkable journey these boots are proudly displayed in HI-TEC’s head office in the UK. They serve as a reminder not just of the fantastic product we make but of our responsibility to our customers.

Alexandre graduated in Political Sciences and mastered in Geopolitics. Between these two cycles, he cycled around the world with his best friend and brought back a best seller: On a roulé sur la Terre (Laffont ‘96). They travelled 25,000 km through 35 countries in a year. Sonia joined them to cross the Andes between Argentina and Chile. In ‘98, still with the same friend, Alex walked the Himalayas, from Bhutan to Tajikistan, 5000 km in one sweep, sneaking in and out of nine countries with a mad clandestine crossing of Tibet for 500 km. A book and TV documentary came out of this breathtaking and unequaled undertaking: La Marche dans le Ciel (Laffont ’98). Sonia also took part in that trek by circling the Manaslu peak with the mavericks. Between these two big trips, Alexandre was a TV presenter of a mountaineering magazine on national channel France 3. But Africa Trek was the project he was waiting to devote himself to with his newlywed wife Sonia.

• 1994 First Book ‘On a roulé sur la terre’ we drove on earth
• 1997 ‘La marche dans le ciel’ Walking in the sky
• 2001 africatrek
• Japan trek due out soon!