August 14, 2012

Hi-Tec support the Great Yarberystwyth Walk

In Spring 2013, Pete and Jodie Tilbury-Fowler will undertake the first ever coast-to-coast Great Yarberystwyth Walk and called upon Hi-Tec to support them for their journey.

They'll be walking unaccompanied from Great Yarmouth in the east, to Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales. It's a coast-to-coast journey of 296 miles which they'll be covering in just 10 days.


Quite simply, it's a pretty epic challenge that, as far as they can tell, has never been undertaken before. Sure, people have walked further, and there's probably not an inch of the British Isles that hasn't been trodden upon at some time or other ... but up until now nobody they can identify has crossed coast to coast more or less straight through the heart of our island.

And of course there's a deeper reason to do something out of the ordinary; and that is to raise money for a charity close to both their hearts: Macmillan Cancer Support.

"The wonderful people at Hi-Tec have donated some fantastic new walking boots to help us on our way. Thank you very much, they're awesome and we can't wait to try them out this weekend."

The Goodness of People (by The Great Yarb, Aug 2nd 2012 11.50am)

If you watch enough news programmes and read enough papers, it's all-too-easy to see the world as a great big cynical mess.

But when you do something out of the ordinary, you give people the chance to turn that image on its head.

The concept of the Great Yarberystwyth Walk is still in its infancy - yet people have stepped up to support our efforts. We've had donations of walking kit, clothing ... even accommodation - and all just because we've asked and given people the opportunity to do good things.

This Walk started out really as a personal challenge, and a way to raise money for a worthy cause. But already it feels like it's becoming something more than that. It's opened my eyes to the fact that people do care; and people do like to be involved.

The support of these people, and their demonstration that the world is not always a dark and dismal place, makes me even more determined that the 2013 Great Yarberystwyth Walk will be a raging success!

Thank you all!

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