Academies Enterprise Trust

Academies Enterprise Trust

A Board and Executive Team of experienced leaders with over thirty years of hands-on professional experience and strong educational values, consider it to be essential that all Academies and Schools who work in partnership with the AET strive to be the education provider of choice for students, the employer of choice for staff and the investment of choice for parents and carers.

The AET, established in September 2008, is committed to developing Academies and Schools that focus on outstanding performance.  The Trust works towards enabling all the children and young people who prepare for and attend their Academies to participate, along with their parents or carers and wider families, in learning and developing the skills and attributes necessary to participate fully in the local, regional, national and emerging global economies.  Furthermore, they endeavour to help their students to maintain a sense of place, citizenship and commitment in their community, developing their environmental and social responsibility, inspiring everyone to see the United Kingdom as a great place to live, work, and visit.

Through Community Sports, AET also aims to support the achievement and development of young people through participation and excellence in sport and involvement in the community.  As a partner of AET, Hi-Tec hopes to help Community Sports achieve their goals, some of which include supporting and developing gifted and talented students through sport; raising the aspirations of young people and encouraging them to follow their dreams; and empowering students to lead and coach others.  In order to accomplish this Hi-Tec are pleased to be able to offer staff, students and parents of the Academies Enterprise Trust a discount on all footwear purchased directly from Hi-Tec via its online store.

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