One of Hi-Tec's Unique Selling Points is our offer of quality footwear with some of the latest technologies around.

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  1. V-Lite

    V-Lite is a revolutionary vertical build concept that strips away as much weight as possible without sacrificing performance or durability. No one specific technology can be credited for the light weight of this collection, but rather the creative combina

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  2. Vibram Technology

    Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles combining quality, innovation and the best compounds for their specific use. Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard with a wide range of soles targeted to outdoor pursuits. As a resu

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    Vibram Technology
  3. 4:SYS

    The biomechanical pressure map was then translated into two eight-density midsole configurations, which correspond with the various pressure zones.

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  4. XcM

    XCM Technology elevates the V-Lite design & build philosophy. After extensive research and development, Hi-Tec introduces innovations that take seamless construction to the next level.

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  5. Tec Proof

    Hi-Tec's expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing Tec-Proof construction products, delivers truly functional waterproof/breathable footwear for versatile usage.

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    Tec Proof
  6. Thermo-Dri

    Thermo-Dri is a unique winter boot technology designed exclusively by Hi-Tec. Thermo-Dri integrates Thinsulate insulation, seam sealed waterproofing and quality leathers with a cushioning EVA Midsole, active flex points and a four layer polymer material i

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  7. Thinsulate

    The best footwear insulation available, providing warmth without bulk. The micro-fibres of the Thinsulate® insulation are about ten times smaller than any other synthetic insulations, making them ideal for trapping insulating air and reflecting back...

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  8. S.U.Z.E

    Seamless Upper Zonal Engineering is Hi-Tec's innovative one-piece mesh to provide protection, breathability and support.

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  9. Flex-Zone

    The idea of 'Zonal Flex' is that the addition of multi-angled facets allows the foot to flex much more naturally

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  10. 3D Counter Balance

    Infinity running platform for support and cushioning meaning a smoother, straighter centre of pressure and less chance of injury.

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    3D Counter Balance
  11. CDT

    Hi-Tec was the first company to launch a game improvement performance golf shoe based on biomechanical research.

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  12. Dri-Tec

    Dri-Tec is a waterproof, breathable membrane in a bootie construction. Dri-Tec offers exceptional waterproofing, excellent vapour transmission and high mechanical resistance to maximise performance in the wettest of environments.

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  13. Ortholite

    Ortholite is the world's leading supplier of insoles found in more than 70 million shoes each year, providing superior comfort, cushioning, breathability and anti-microbial function in a lightweight design.

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  14. Big-Fit System

    Big-Fit is Hi-Tec's revolutionary new technology for kids. Using a contoured insole and a volume adjuster, the shoes can have an extended life of approximately three months!

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    Big-Fit System
  15. i-shield Water Resistant

    Created by Hi-Tec, this new technology gives footwear superior water repellency as well as stain and oil resistance. The solvent-soluble, low-viscosity liquid provides an invisible guard for all open types of leather and most types of fabric and mesh.

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    i-shield Water Resistant
  16. Vibram Rolling Gait System (RGS)

    An innovative midsole and sole combination which helps the natural roll of the foot and reduces muscle fatigue. Vibram Rolling Gait System has been especially developed to optimise energy output during downhill running and walking.

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    Vibram Rolling Gait System (RGS)
  17. Merino Wool

    Merino Wool is a fantastic lightweight material which regulates body temperature, providing enough warmth, though not over bearing. It also draws sweat away from the skin whilst being slightly moisture repellent.

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    Merino Wool
  18. Coolmax

    Coolmax® is an innovative fabric that pulls moisture (sweat) away from your skin, then spreads it over the surface to ensure maximum evaporating drying rate.

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18 Item(s)

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