CDT Power Outsole (Golf)

Hi-Tec was the first company to launch a game improvement performance golf shoe based on biomechanical research.

The two main components of Hi-Tec’s CDT technology are the Biomechanically Engineered Outsoles and the Custom Directional Cleats.

The Biomechanically Engineered Outsoles are designed to give specific resistance and support to work in harmony with the specific foot movement required during the swing action. This unique technology gives specific resistance and support to your foot while allowing it the freedom to roll where needed. A unique directional cleat is specifically angled to work with the opposite forces that your foot generates through the ground during the swing.

The competition has tried to emulate Hi-Tec’s patented CDT technology but to this date has failed to achieve anything close to our game improving benefits and performance. With 3 Majors under our belt and further product improvements based on more R&D Hi-Tec continue to lead the way in power based footwear technology.


The power comes from your feet

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