Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles combining quality, innovation and the best compounds for their specific use. Vibram has positioned itself as the market standard with a wide range of soles targeted to outdoor pursuits. As a result, Vibram soles are always produced with three objectives: to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and long lasting quality.

To maintain their high standards, Vibram soles undergo a series of stringent tests in both the laboratory and in the field by the dedicated Vibram Tester Team.

High Performance outsoles Vibram® delivers instant credibility to the product from consumers who are familiar with Vibram's® heritage in the outdoor market.



Made of two high performance compounds

Vibram® O.D.D, or Outsole Dual Density, is a lightweight trailrunning outsole developed exclusively for Hi-Tec.

  • It features a traction–design lug belt that enhances power transmission when climbing up.
  • Lugs made of Vibram® XS Trek rubber compound optimize balance between durability and grip on rocky surfaces.
  • The central pads on the front and rear, produced in Vibram® MultiTrek compound, fit perfectly into multiple qualities of land.
  • TPU shank with ESS (exoskeleton support) provides support and protection to most demanding trailrunners, especially when ground becomes unstable.



For 15 years Vibram has been involved in granting both a technological advanced production and an eco-sustainable conduct.


  • In 1994, when it launched Vibram ECOSTEP®, Vibram pioneered the use of ecological materials. Vibram ECOSTEP® and its empowered version Vibram ECOSTEP ® include up to 30% and 50% of post-manufacturing recycled rubber while maintaining traction and durability standards for lifestyle products.
  • During the following years Vibram extended its environmental efforts to EVA products. Nowadays it uses 10% recycled EVA from EVA midsole flash.
  • Also the Vibram North America production site supports the recycle policy and has developed a full line of flooring products based on 100% recycled rubber.
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