4:SYS for Running footwear

Much of the development of footwear over the last two decades has focussed on “correcting” the movement of the foot, rather than on facilitating a foot movement that is much closer to the natural barefoot movement.

Hi-Tec believed that the way forward was to develop footwear that not only offers all the protection needed for the environment in which we live, but also provides a much more natural and therefore more efficient, stable and supportive foot movement, delivering truly optimal performance.

The use of state of the art pressure mapping technology and high speed film to analyse the biomechanics of the human foot during all kinds of sporting activities, but with a special focus on running, allowed us to find the answer; 4:SYS midsole technology.


-        A significantly quicker and more energy efficient footstrike – up to 5 milliseconds shorter per step.

-        Dramatically reduced strain on the lower leg resulting in much better foot stability.


4:SYS for Court footwear - Dynamic Motion Control for your feet

Your footwork during rally is dynamic and constantly changing. Your footwear needs to react to every movement.

4:SYS technology is the culmination of three years research and testing into the dynamics of movement. It delivers more support, stability and control by increasing the time from heel contact to shot. This in turn reduces the transfer of energy during your footstrike.

Each 4:SYS shoe adopts five different densities in seven locations to deliver more control and stability. It does not isolate pressure zones into two areas (heel and forefoot) like some traditional shoes but works holistically.

Shock absorbing materials are located in Zones 1 & 2 (see image on right) to control and stabilise your lunge and landing. Energy returning materials are located in Zones 3 & 4 to provide lift after the shot is played.


Watch the video below to learn more about this revolutionary midsole technology