HI-TEC is 100% confident there is no better way to put their ion-mask HPi footwear to the test than by supplying Martin Dreyer, one of the most respected multi-sport athletes and adventure racers in the world, with the latest in hydrophobic HPi trail running footwear – the V-Lite Infinity Pro!

Change a life
Martin Dreyer has won the gruelling Dusi Canoe Marathon seven times but in January 2008 made history when he and Michael Mbanjwa, a young man from the Valley of a Thousand Hills (Kwazulu Natal, South Africa) won together.

Martin was appalled at the harsh living conditions these young black sportsmen, who mostly grow up and live next to the Dusi River, endure and so Martin set about developing his “Change a life” Academy. With sponsorship from Computershare, USN and HI-TEC. Martin is making a difference in his quest to change lives.
HI-TEC fully support Martin’s “Change a Life” program and has supplied him and his team with the V-Lite Infinity Pro to compete with in the Dusi Canoe marathon. This is no ordinary challenge. Martin hand-picked his team from rural villages in Natal where they all were essentially cattle herders and never had any experience in a boat or canoe.

Martin Dreyer’s Change a Life Team certainly exceeded his wildest
expectations. In his words “Going into this Dusi, because I wasn’t paddling, I never thought
I could be on ‘cloud nine’. I was wrong; I’m still floating – ecstatic with the boys’
performance and extremely proud of their achievements. Two Dusi golds and seven in
the top twenty – someone please pinch me!”

“Adversity is the breakfast of champions"

A true son of the African soil, Martin’s outlook on life is “Adversity is the breakfast of champions" and there is no such thing as “bad weather, just soft people".
As we know Africa infects the soul and in this world of chaos where poverty and hopelessness reign supreme, a humble young man has taken it upon himself to make a difference.

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Born in 1968, Martin was your typical White River 'plaasjapie' whose secondary school years at Woodridge College in Port Elizabeth did nothing to dampen his passion for the outdoors. He spent more energy on hang-gliding, underwater hockey, climbing, lifesaving, running and scuba diving at UCT than he did on studies. In 1993, armed with a BCom degree, Martin took off for the West Coast of Canada and spent the next six years enduring the hardships of commercial fishing in the icy cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. That experience taught him many new skills and life lessons, but most of all the dawning realisation that there had to be more to life!

HI-TEC have signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Martin whose accolade of achievements include Land Rover G4 World Champion, 7 times Dusi Canoe Marathon Champion and top international adventure racer competing in the Raid Finals & Adventure Racing World Championships, to name a few!!